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From the publishing side to the high-paced world of customer acquisition, from the ins-and-outs of magazine fulfillment to the nuances of reader engagement—WE GET MAGAZINES. Our nimble team isn’t just an asset; it’s our strength. It allows us to offer a personalized touch in a digital world, stay agile, and create opportunities as we steer through the evolving landscape of publishing.

Grounded in our ethos and steadfast in our mission, the evidence speaks volumes—our publishing partners are enthusiastic, and our team is fueled by passion. We’re not just about digitizing magazines; we’re about reimagining the reading experience itself. From page to screen, we’re deeply invested in crafting immersive, interactive journeys for every reader.


Brian Knowles

Brian brings extensive marketing, analytics, and operations experience in the publishing and customer acquisition sectors to 360 Media Direct. He was the Founder of the New York team, joining 360 Media Direct in 2008 to oversee Publisher Relations efforts. Over the past 11 years, Brian has worn many hats within the organization, some marketing and some analytical, but he has always ensured that the company’s long-term strategy is recognized and has solved numerous business challenges with a smile. His career includes positions at the Synapse Group (a now Meredith-owned marketing firm), Time4Media, Meredith and Mansueto Ventures. As Chief Operating Officer, Brian currently manages the day to day operations of 360 Media Direct’s numerous business units, which continue to scale under his leadership.

Chris Jones

Introducing Chris, a publishing veteran with 30+ years of experience, weathering the storms of Time Warner and the dot-com era. With over 8 dedicated years in our ranks, Chris excels as the architect of databases and technology.

Beyond the office, Chris showcases his culinary prowess, crafting memorable feasts. His secret? Perhaps a dash of project management finesse. Noteworthy is his ability to transform mundane meetings into engaging performances with just a stapler and well-timed wit. Chris isn't just a project maestro; he's the seasoned conductor of life's journey, orchestrating success at every turn.

Executive Vice President, WRSS

Kellie Watt

The classic TV series, Bewitched, sparked Kellie’s interest in advertising, so much so she majored in advertising in college. After starting her career in media planning and research at Ogilvy & Mather, Kellie moved her new interest in magazine readership research to the publisher side, working in research and marketing manager roles at The New Yorker, Elle and Vogue. In 2004, Kellie joined the marketing services team at DJG Marketing and eventually moved over to Waiting Room Subscription Services. When 360 Media Direct acquired WRSS in February 2018, Kellie joined the team, bringing her organization and love of data analytics with her.

Fun facts:
How to spot Kellie in a restaurant? A lifelong picky eater (and vegan), Kellie is the one eating French fries or plain pasta at client lunches. When she’s not sending WRSS authorizations, revising schedules or compiling AAM data for the bi-annual publisher statements, Kellie, a former Goats of Anarchy volunteer (a goat sanctuary in Hunterdon County, NJ) loves attending thrash metal concerts and traveling. Combining her love of heavy metal and travel, Kellie has sailed on such cruises as Motorhead’s Motorboat, Megadeth’s Megacruise and Lamb ofGod’s Headbanger’s Boat.

Marketing Manager, CMG

Kurt Potts

Kurt is a versatile creative professional with over two decades of experience in marketing, publishing, and advertising. With a decade in newspaper publishing and another nine years in marketing and design, Kurt brings a unique blend of design, web development, and art direction skills to every project. Known for fostering positive working relationships, Kurt's collaborative approach extends from the workplace to his personal interests, including passions for collaborative storytelling and tap dancing.
GM, Public Relations

Lauren Pignataro

Lauren Pignataro brings over 20 years of experience in the magazine publishing industry to ClicknRead. Her career spans both third party startup agents ( and and large publishing companies (Barnesand, Time Inc. and Meredith Corporation). Lauren's experience working with and for multiple magazine brands allows her to have a unique perspective when creating partnerships. Many of the titles that ClicknRead offers are long standing brands with whom Lauren has previous history. This is an advantage for all, as she has a head start in identifying client needs and matching ClicknRead capabilities with the nuances of each title. At the same time, her Consumer Marketing background ensures that driving revenue is always a top priority.
Operations Database Coordinator

Nathan Walter

Nate, aka Smiley, is obsessed with technology, boba tea, data, and creating efficiencies for his team. Most of the time he's waiting for a database query to return, or searching for the ever-elusive missing semicolon in his code. But in the midst of creating automations and applications, he's taken a liking to the new challenge of transforming digital magazines!
Director of Operations

Josh Bugayong

Meet Josh, the guy who traded the wilds of Wyoming for the wild ride of life. Armed with a degree in History from California State University, Fresno, he's the unsung hero of 360 Media Direct for over a decade. Rumor has it that he once deciphered an ancient scroll of office jargon and turned it into a bestselling novel.

When he's not battling spreadsheets, Josh is a ninja on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu mats, proving that history buffs can have killer moves too. He's the only guy who can quote Shakespeare while executing a perfect armbar. In his downtime, you'll find Josh buried in books or holding a family meeting to decide the fate of the TV remote. His secret superpowers include making deadlines vanish and turning coffee into code. And here's the plot twist: Josh is the mastermind behind the scenes at ClicknRead, where he wrangles pixels and herds digital content into stunning magazines. Rumor has it he once edited an article using Morse code, just for fun. Now, Josh is gearing up to bring his unique blend of humor, history, and digital wizardry to the ClicknNRead team. Who said producing and managing digital magazines can't be as entertaining as a Shakespearean comedy?

Marketing Manager

Kelley Ntabona

Kelley has a rich background in design and management, backed by over 15 years of experience. Her extensive knowledge, leadership prowess, and unique skill set empowers her to craft impactful marketing campaigns that make a lasting impression. With a Graphic Design degree, Kelley seamlessly merges her design proficiency with her management acumen, providing a distinctive perspective on every project she takes on.

However, Kelley's influence extends beyond her professional pursuits. Her deep passion for travel acts as an endless source of inspiration for her creative vision. Her global experiences continually shape and enhance her design sensibilities, driving her to discover beauty in every project she encounters.

Graphic Designer

Brooke Thomson

Introducing Brooke, the graphic design extraordinaire with a knack for turning everyday chaos into aesthetic brilliance. Equipped with a degree in Graphic Design from James Madison University, she’s new to the ClicknRead team, helping organize production and enhance magazines one style guide at a time. Brooke is on a mission to prove good design is just as thrilling as a successful boulder problem. She believes in harnessing creativity, both in the studio and on the crag, where every ascent is a metaphor for overcoming design challenges. When not hanging from cliffs, she enjoys spending time with friends and traveling the world. She’s rumored to have lived abroad and traveled to over ten different countries, all before the legal drinking age in the U.S. Her motto is: if life gives you lemons, you should at least make them look Instagram-worthy with a killer lemonade label. Brooke is the adventurous graphic designer ready to add a dash of excitement to ClicknRead’s visual escapades. So, if you’re looking for someone to bring your ideas to life, Brooke ensures your graphics pop on both the compact brilliance of a smartphone and the expansive canvas of a laptop.
Graphic Designer

Sharon Ozimec

Ink flows through her veins, and pixels dance in her dreams. With a background in advertising, print shops, and digital marketing, Sharon possesses the unique ability to visualize a project from its inception and flawlessly bring it to life. She is a seasoned graphic designer based in beautiful Calgary, Canada. With over 12 years of experience, she’s honed her skills in crafting eye-catching visuals and captivating emails for Click n Read. Armed with a graphic design degree from Mount Royal University, she brings a unique blend of artistic flair and technical expertise to every project.
Executive Vice President of Publisher Relations

Shirley Viel

With over 25 years of experience in the magazine publishing industry under her belt, Shirley has worked closely with nearly every one of 360 Media’s Direct’s publisher clients, growing subscriber bases, while building and strengthening key partnerships with each. She has worked with leading publications such as Hallmark Magazine, Essence Magazine and several Ziff Davis titles, including PC Magazine. She led consumer marketing efforts and played a major role in identifying and implementing strategic partnerships to establish new sources of revenue. Under Shirley’s leadership, companies have achieved increased profitability and subscriptions, along with expanded market share.

She’s a big foodie that enjoys entertaining and cooking up a storm for friends and family. Loves spontaneity, finding hidden gem restaurants, traveling, and beautiful sunsets.

Software Engineer

Victor Urbieta

Meet Victor, our Senior Software Engineer at ClicknRead. With a background as an embedded system design engineer for unmanned aerial systems at CSU Fresno and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering, Victor brings a wealth of experience to our team.

Nowadays Victor works with higher-level software, including desktop and web development. Victor now works with end-to-end backend connected services for ClicknRead, playing a crucial role in shaping our Interactive Digital Magazines (IDMs).

Outside of coding, Victor enjoys bodybuilding, snowboarding, hiking, music, Sudoku, video games, movies, and spending cherished moments with his wife and kids.




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